The Dance Connection
of Hammond Indiana


Donna Brum Dancers
of Schererville Indiana


St. Thomas More School
Munster Indiana


Catholic Diocese
of Gary Indiana

HolyTrinity - East Chicago Indiana

Holy Trinity Hungarian Parish
of East Chicago Indiana

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1When will my event be ready to watch online?
1 week from the event (or less) : Basic Edited Show

4-6 weeks from the event : Enhanced Edited Video with Custom Titles, Graphics, Credits and Chapter Points
2How do I watch my event online?
Select watch on the main menu.
Choose the event you would like to watch.
Create a User Account and purchase with PayPal.
Login with the My Account and go to Organization page to watch!
3How do I order my event on DVD disc?
Select shop on the main menu or click on the organization.
Add the items to the cart that you wish to purchase.
Click on the Cart Icon in the top right then follow to
Create a User Account and purchase with PayPal.
4What devices are compatible to watch an event online?
PCs, Macs, iPad, iPhone, Android devices and others are compatible.
5How do I watch my event on TV?
Hook up any device that has a Web Browser (ie Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, ect...), log on and enjoy!
6How reliable is the EventVOD?
Running on one of the most robust network of servers also shared by DropBox, Netflix, and many Fortune 500 companies, EventVOD strives to minimizes latency by providing content from a local server to the user, no matter where they are located in the world.